A.R.Rahman Super Singer - A List of Songs

The A.R. Rahman Super Singer from the artist's solo album, A Boy And His Blob was an instant hit with the masses. This is one of the many artists who have made their own mark in the music industry. With a blend of rap, rock and dance music A.R. Rahman has created quite a following.

The album starts off with the first single "Hindi My Dear", which is produced by A.R. Rahman himself. The song sounds catchy and the lyrics are very interesting and funny. It is sung by a rapper named Gobi who tries to rhyme his way through the whole song.

Another song from the A.R. Rahman Super Singer album, "I Am The King" is a great rap song for those who do not know much about Indian culture. The song has been made in an Indian dialect, which is actually not a difficult task for the rappers. The song tells the story about the life of A.R. as a child artist and how he has been able to make it through in the music industry. The song contains a sample from "I Am The King", which can be heard at the end of this song.

"Oye Mi Amor" is a pretty romantic song which tells the story of two lovers. The beat in this song has been mixed to be hip hop and rap. This song is a huge hit in Spain, as well as in England and America.

"Jai Ho" is another great song from the album and tells the story of two friends and rivals that fight for supremacy. The beat and the lyrics tell the story in a very exciting way.

The list of songs from the artist goes on. There are also other artists whose lyrics also contribute in making these songs hit. These include B.R. Isaac, Ayesha, Lala of the Hills and others. A.R. Rahman is one artist who has had a lot of success in the field of music.

As the writer of the songs, A.R. Rahman also contributes his own creative ideas in order to create the songs. He is also responsible for many other songs such as "Ganga Jumbo", "Fahdi ka Dabra", "Punjabi Haan" and others. The songs are very famous for being extremely catchy and funny. They are also liked by all audiences, irrespective of their age.

Some people who have heard the songs in the past are in love with them, while some others are not. The songs are liked by both the older and the younger generation and they get replayed time and again. They are being downloaded for free on the internet.

Some of the most popular versions of the songs from the artist are the ones which have been rerecorded. by artists like Rishi Kapoor and Sajeev Sambher.


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